BREAKING: Christians Unite to Deliver Blunt Message to Obama at the White House [PHOTOS]


Thousands are being slaughtered, and we are doing nothing. It’s great to see people standing up against these scumbags 

(The Conservative TribuneRoughly 50 Coptic Christians wearing the infamous orange prison jumpsuits frequently seen in the Islamic State execution videos marched from the White House to Capitol Hill on Tuesday while chanting “Obama, Obama, did you see? Christian blood in the sea.”

Although President Barack Obama and his administration are loath to admit it, Christians are being persecutedaround the world, particularly in Muslim-dominated countries.

Earlier this month, Islamic State group affiliated terrorists in Libya savagely executed 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians in a slickly produced propaganda video, which was responded to with bombs from Egypt but dismissal by the Obama administration.

But the brutality toward Christians by the Islamic State group and other radical Muslim organizations cannot be ignored any longer, as it is looking more like the beginning of a Muslim-led genocide of Christians in the Middle East.

In order to try to get Obama’s attention and compel him to take action in defense of the Christian religion, Coptic Christians in America staged the protest outside of the White House earlier this week.

One of the organizers of the protest, Hanna Asaad, said that his best friend and cousin was one of the men featured in the beheading video, according to Breitbart.

Coptic Christians protest DC 1

“I kept calling my cousin and telling him he had to leave Libya, but there was no safe way out. The militants came looking for Christians and then took them away,” said Asaad.

He added, “They murdered my cousin, my nephew and my classmates. Someday soon they will start murdering people in this country.”

Coptic Christians protest DC 2

Another of the protestors said, “ISIS wants to drive all Christians from the Middle East. Obama has to act before the whole region turns to fire.”

It should be noted that the Coptic Christians of Egypt are perhaps the oldest sect of Christianity in the world, with ties that go back to the first Christians after the time of Jesus Christ.

One should also remember that the Coptic Christians are not facing a threat from just the Islamic State group, but have also long been harassed by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, as well as by their progeny, Hamas.

If the world hopes to see the survival of these original Christians, and not witness genocide or their being driven out of the homeland in which they have lived for centuries, then something must be done immediately.

And that something must be more substantial than White House Summits that excuse and apologize for the horrific behavior of radical Islamic extremist groups.

—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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