BREAKING: Clinton Aide Facing JAIL, Makes INSANE Announcement On Email

Bryan Pagliano is a former Clinton aide being questioned in reference to her private email server. He is the one who set it up for her. An attorney of his has publically stated he would be pleading the Fifth Amendment when Judicial Watch questioned him.

Attorney Mark MacDougall stated,

“The potential for self-incrimination here is sufficient to justify Mr. Pagliano’s intention to assert his Fifth Amendment rights.”

Judicial Watch has gained permission to question Pagliano in a deposition for a public records hearing. It was filed for earlier this year, 2016. Rumor has it he does not intend to completely cooperate with them. The Justice Department has provided Pagliano immunity from prosecution.


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Tom Fitton Who is the President of Judicial Watch made a comment on the issue,

“It is unfortunate the public’s right to know is being hampered. These court filings are further evidence of the legal mess caused by Mrs. Clinton’s email system.”

Former U.S. Attorney for the District of Colombia Joseph diGenova issued his own opinion on the controversy.

“Because it’s a separate judicial proceeding, he has a right to invoke the Fifth Amendment.”

He additionally added the judge will likely grant his request to not be videotaped and hide his identity. So it’s not enough he helps Hillary Clinton illegally use a private server but he wants to hide away and negate any responsibility.

Unfortunately, we live in a country where enough people believe her nonsense to look past her corruption and illegal behavior to make her the Democrat’s presumptive presidential nominee. Justice will come eventually and let’s all hope it comes in November in the voting booth when we all choose to show Hillary Clinton #ImNotWithHer.

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