BREAKING : CNN Finally Admits that the Recount is Pointless and Won’t Change Election Results

We tried to tell them a recount won’t matter, but liberals and Clinton supporters still pushed and donated to people like ‘Jill Stein’ to get a recount to happen.


Now Jill Stein is changing her tune about what she plans to spend the millions in donated funds on…and the recount has proven useless.


That’s what happens when you defy all logic to go after stupidity.

After peddling the now 100% debunked theory that voting experts found irregularities in voting patterns (blah blah blah lies) of all people, it’s a CNN opinion writer that has finally came out with something that actually makes SENSE!


Furthermore, even OBAMA and his White House (not for much longer) has come out against the anti-Trump conspiracy theory stating: ‘We believe our elections were free and fair from a cybersecurity perspective.”

Yet…here they are STILL making fools of themselves and giving their money freely to a woman who is just as corrupt and isn’t afraid to show it.

The CNN writer is Joshua Douglas, here is what he wrote:

Now that Clinton’s campaign has said it will participate in the recount efforts, those supporters’ hopes have been lifted even higher. To put the matter bluntly: They should give up that hope.

There is essentially zero chance that the recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania will change Trump’s lead, which number in the thousands, not hundreds, in all three states. Trump is winning Wisconsin by a little more than 27,000 votes; his lead in Michigan sits at around 11,000; and his lead in Pennsylvania is insurmountable at over 68,000.

This is not Florida 2000. On Election Night in 2000, George W. Bush held a 1,784 vote lead over Al Gore in Florida’s election for president, representing just 0.031 percent of the 5.8 million votes cast in the state. After a recount — which the US Supreme Court halted by a 5-4 vote — Bush ultimately won Florida by 537 votes, securing the presidency. Yet even if the Court had allowed the recount to proceed, the margin would not have swung by much.

Well there is one person that is happy about the scam recount. Expert hoaxer Jill Stein who has raked in millions that will mostly NOT be used for the recount.

You got to love that last DIG at Jill STein…it’s so true! How can a people hate a man who pays his OWN way through an election, refuses the Presidential salary and much more….then turn around and give their money to a woman who has proven nothing of her integrity to them (because she has none) for a RE-COUNT and then she immediately says, she most likely won’t be spending the money on the recount after all.

I mean…by their fruits people! By their fruits!

I know that’s asking to much for Liberals to understand, but boy wouldn’t it be nice if they would at least get back the ‘common sense’ they lost in the last 8 years? Their intellect has hit an all time low…it’s exhausting to witness.

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