BREAKING: Colorado Sheriffs Launch Major Lawsuit Against Liberals’ Agenda


(The Conservative TribuneNow some sheriffs from Colorado, who are already challenging the gun control laws put in place by liberals, have filed a lawsuit challenging Colorado’s legalization of marijuana, claiming it creates a “crisis of conscience” for the law enforcement officers by pitting state law against federal law.

Recently a number of states have passed laws in one form or another that have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Colorado is one of those states, and they have had mixed results thus far from their legalization of weed.

Supporters of legalization will point to increased tax revenue and falling crime rates in certain categories, but detractors will point to other crime rates that have risen, increased public health risk, a jump in the number of driving under the influence violations, as other problems such as welfare abuse.

The lawsuit, which was joined by sheriffs from Kansas and Nebraska, aims to strike down Colorado’s Amendment 64 and close down the estimated 330 or more licensed marijuana stores.

According to USA Today, Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith said that the law has created a “constitutional showdown,” as each day he must decide whether to violate the Colorado Constitution or the U.S. Constitution, at least with regard to marijuana.

Smith said that Colorado is “asking every peace officer to violate their oath,” adding, “What we’re being forced to do … makes me ineligible for office. Which Constitution are we supposed to uphold?”

The sheriffs from Kansas and Nebraska say that the legalization of marijuana in Colorado has led to drastic increase in the amount of drugs coming across their shared border, which has led to an increase in drug arrests, overburdening local jails and court systems.

Colorado has yet to respond to the lawsuit, and the federal government has essentially taken a “hands off” approach to the matter, so long as Colorado keeps in place regulations designed to keep the drugs out of the hands of children.

Supporters of legalization, however, say that this lawsuit is simply another effort to undo the legalization of marijuana and suggest that law enforcement focus their attention more on serious crimes, instead of people simply enjoying the its use.

What do you think? Should individual states be allowed to legalize marijuana for themselves, or are they bound to abide by federal law, which still holds that marijuana is an illegal drug?
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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