BREAKING: Copycat Terror Attack In Busy Shopping Center, Look Who Cops Have In Custody!

BREAKING: Copycat Terror Attack In Busy Shopping Center, Look Who Cops Have In Custody!

Hours after a terrorist in London was killed for murdering three people with his car and one police officer with his knife, another terrifying attack took place in migrant-ridden Europe. As authorities still work to clean up the carnage outside the UK Parliament, a horrifying ordeal unfolded in Belgium, and now have the culprit in custody who looks all too familiar.

After the Islamic State called for more “lone wolf” attacks and encouraged the use of cars to take out the most infidels out at once, migrants in Europe are taking the call to action. The Parliament terrorist plowed into a crowd at 70 miles per hour and now we know that a man in Antwerp just followed the same plan of attack, driving his small station wagon into a crowded market. Fortunately, his terroristic human bowling game wasn’t effective in killing anyone, and now he probably wishes he was with his “72 virgins” for going out a martyr.

The Daily Mail reports a man of “North African origin” wearing camouflage drove his car with French plates at high speed into pedestrians who had to jump out of the way to avoid being injured. While his name and a picture have not been released at the time of this writing, the description of the suspect, as well as his mode of attack, paints a pretty clear picture of terrorism and what his intentions were.

BREAKING: Copycat Terror Attack In Busy Shopping Center, Look Who Cops Have In Custody!

After failing to knock down pedestrians, he attempted to flee the scene towards the city’s port where he was apprehended, according to Le Soir. Security in the area has stepped up and will remain on guard for more copycat attempts, which are likely considering this one was ineffective.

There are “sleeper” terrorists all throughout Europe waiting for their opportunity to strike the hand that feeds them after they were allowed refuge there in droves. This is exactly what President Trump is trying to avoid in America which is why he put a travel ban in place from terrorist-tied countries. Killing infidels is part of the “religion of peace” as called for in their “holy book,” the Koran. Ignoring this fundamental fact is only making it easier for them to accomplish this goal.

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