BREAKING: Dallas Just Told Trump To Get Lost With SICK ‘Gift’ They Gave Immigrants — People Will Pay BIG Price!

As liberal morons across the nation continue to lose their minds over President Trump’s temporary migrant ban, several mayors are now joining the bandwagon of insanity, defiantly ignoring the president’s executive order. Now one city in Texas has erected something sick in the middle of town as a way to thumb their nose at our president, while giving immigrants the green light to break the law. But now that President Trump has caught wind of their plans, you can be sure that they’ll pay a big price for their disgusting insolence.

The first string of treasonous morons to lead the charge against President Trump’s migrant ban were the mayors from Los Angeles, Chicago, and Syracuse. Now another brain-dead city has jumped on the bandwagon from a place that will probably come as a huge surprise given the location of the city.

Typically, the state Texas is always on the front lines fighting off the liberal agenda with a vengeance, but it appears as though Texans in Dallas were dumb enough to vote in a Democrats, and now they’re paying a huge price for their stupidity.

County commissioners for Dallas County approved a controversial ruling by a vote of 4-1, that will now protect all immigrants from hiding out in their country, who will now be able to live within in the city limits and break the law indefinitely. Lt. Governor Dan Patrick put the Dallas County Commissioners on blast over the “Welcome Communities” resolution, where he said, “What is it that they don’t get about following the law and the will of the people who do not want sanctuary cities in our country and most importantly in our state?”

It’s obvious the sentiments of the people living in these cities don’t mean jack sh*t to these liberal morons, as these leaders continue to prioritize their own agendas over the will of the very same people they were elected to represent. President Trump isn’t playing nicely with the mindless buffoons defying his ban however, and is already moving forward to yank federal funding with anyone who wants to continue to harbor these illegal, and often times dangerous individuals.

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