BREAKING: FCC Commissioner Launches Unprecedented Plan to Stop Barack H. Obama


From the Conservative Tribune: Last month, President Barack H. Obama’s Federal Communications Commission voted to implement Net Neutrality (aka ObamaNet), a socialist government policy designed to regulate Internet providers as public utilities.

However, one of the FCC’s own commissioners, Ajit Pai, opposes Net Neutrality and has fired back against Obama by urging Congress to cut his own agency’s funding.

“Congress should forbid the commission from using any appropriated funds to implement or enforce the plan the FCC just adopted to regulate the Internet,” he told a House budget committee this past Tuesday.

“Not only is this plan bad policy; absent outside intervention, the commission will expend substantial resources implementing and enforcing regulations that are wasteful, unnecessary, and affirmatively detrimental to the American public.”

Excuse me for a moment as a catch my breath, because I find it utterly shocking that Obama’s crony governmentcontains such an honest official — and one who was appointed by Obama himself, no less.

But honest he is — because Net Neutrality, if permitted to continue undeterred, would do exactly as he predicted.

In particular, it would force all Internet service providers to abide by a universal framework, meaning that they would not be allowed to fine-tune their individual networks to make them more efficient or effective.

This of course would stifle innovation, which as you know thrives when businesses are allowed to adapt through the free market principle of trial and error.

“This is a costly endeavor for the agency, one that will end the permissionless innovation that has spurred the Internet’s explosive growth up until today,” Commissioner Pai himself astutely noted (H/T The Daily Caller).

Not everyone agrees with Commissioner Pai, including FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, a greedy Democrat who is desperate to secure additional funding.

Unfortunately for Mr. Wheeler, at least one of his peers at the FCC realizes that freedom and liberty rank higher than money.


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