BREAKING: Federal Judge Issues Major Ruling on Obama’s Amnesty… This Is Huge


A federal judge has issued a strongly worded memo that directly challenges and contradicts massive portions of Obama’s executive order on amnesty, saying he blatantly violated the constitution by usurping power from congress.

Although the judge didn’t officially strike down Obama’s amnesty,  he sent a direct shot across the administration’s bow, and set the stage for another judge to rule against the Executive action in one of the major lawsuits directly challenging Obama’s amnesty.

This is a major victory for America and the U.S. Constitution. “We the People” won one today.

The Washington Times reports that the judge said, “President Obama’s unilateral legislative action violates the separation of powers provided for in the United States Constitution as well as the Take Care Clause, and therefore is unconstitutional.”

The Times also reported that, “[T]he judge repeatedly used Mr. Obama’s own words against him, listing some of the times the president had previously said he didn’t have the power to take the exact actions he has now taken.”

The judge said that Presidents do indeed have the power of “prosecutorial discretion” and can decide how they will enforce laws, but that Obama’s actions went further than that.  In essence, the judge declared that Obama is writing laws, usurping his proper role in the Executive branch and taking on a power that is reserved exclusively for the Congress.

The memo was a part of a deportation case that the judge was hearing.  His memo doesn’t overrule Obama’s Executive actions, but it certainly sets a warning tone and gives guidance to how other judges may rule, once the lawsuits against Obama’s amnesty work their way through the judicial system.

Courtesy of Conservative Tribune

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