BREAKING: THIRD Republican Lawmaker Just Horrifically Attacked – Trump About To Address The Nation

On Wednesday morning, deranged anti-Trump liberal James T. Hodgkinson went to a baseball field where GOP Congressmen were playing baseball and opened fire. The assassination plot was a deliberate attempt to kill Republicans, as the killer before opening fire asked people in the area if it was Republicans or Democrats on the field. As Congressman Steve Scalise still remains in critical condition after sustaining a bullet wound to the hip, now a THIRD Republican is in fear for her life after horrifically attacked at her home Thursday afternoon.

It appears as though there’s another rabid liberal who is now following Hodgkinson’s lead and trying to assassinate members of the GOP. On Thursday afternoon, Republican Karen Handel, who is Georgia’s Secretary of State, was viciously attacked at her home. Nasty liberals attempting to scare Republicans into submission in Georgia sent a white powder substance to her residence, along with this disgusting letter to her and her neighbors.

“Your neighbor Karen Handel is a dirty fascist c*nt but I’m sure you already knew that,’ the letter read. “Take a whiff of the powder and join her in the hospital you Bourgeoisie mother f*ckers.” A local reporter posted the letter on Twitter:

Authorities in the area immediately put the area on lockdown, and a full sweep of the neighborhood was conducted as they assessed the potential deadly threat, not knowing if the white powder substance was poisonous or not.

Law enforcement officials going mailbox to mailbox in Handel’s neighborhood after “suspicious package” found near her home.

As of now, there’s no confirmation of what the white substance was, as it’s likely being examined at a lab while investigators scramble to find out who was behind the letters and package.

What’s disturbing is that anti-Trumper Hodgkinson also had Karen Handel on his sights for before he went on a killing rampage on Wednesday, where he posted the following disgusting tirade about the Georgia Republican just days leading up to the attack.

“Republican Bitch Wants People to Work for Slave Wages, when a Livable Wage is the Only Way to Go! Vote Blue, It’s Right for You!” the user posted to his account on June 8. He linked to a Yahoo news story about Handel’s comments on the minimum wage during last week’s first 6th District debate.

Democrats are to blame for both these incidents, as they’ve been actively promoting an atmosphere of vitriol and hate ever since Trump got into office. Many Democratic politicians literally called for violence leading up to this shooting, with morons like Loretta Lynch telling anti-Trumpers across America that there needed to be “blood and death in the streets,” and to use whatever deadly force necessary to take out Trump and the GOP.

“March, bleed, and die in the streets!” she told anti-Trumpers across America, inciting murder and terrorism in the streets of America in a 1-minute video that went viral across social media.

Tim Kaine is also complicit in this, as he appeared on  MSNBC back in January where he urged anti-Trump Democrats to “fight in the streets” to resist the Trump agenda.

It’s absolutely vile the environment that liberals in this country have created ever since Trump got into office. These morons are LITERALLY calling for blood and death in the streets all because they lost the presidential election. Their antics are not only un-American, as they’re trying to actively overthrow the will of the people who voted Trump into office, but these liberals are domestic terrorists as well, with promoting and inciting terrorism on our streets!

We as Americans need to stop letting these liberal politicians and celebrities hide behind the First Amendment, as they frequently use this as an excuse for inciting terrorism against our president and Trump supporters. Their decisive rhetoric is not just merely words anymore. Anti-Trumpers in America are taking their marching orders for “death in the streets” quite literally, as now Republicans are being targeted for assassination. This is absolutely sick and we need to get a handle on things quickly before we are in a full-blown civil war.

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