It’s no secret that the angry rioters in Ferguson want Officer Darren Wilson’s head.

With groups threatening his family and placing a bounty on his head, Wilson has already been tried and convicted in the eyes of the mob.

Now, it has been revealed that Wilson might have an unlikely voice: The mainstream media.

On Sunday, CNN reporter Brian Stelter announced that several prominent news anchors have privately and quietly met with Officer Wilson.

“We barely know what he looks like,” said Stelter in a recent broadcast. “And he hasn’t said a word publicly about the death of Michael Brown. But now I’m going to let you in on a secret: Some high-profile news anchors have met Wilson.”

The CNN reporter continued: “They’ve talked with him one-on-one in secret locations, entirely off the record.”

Stelter made the list of reporters public. In a message on Twitter, he wrote: “Matt Lauer, George Stephanopoulos, Scott Pelley, Anderson Cooper, and Don Lemon are among the anchors who’ve met with Wilson,” wrote Stelter in a message on Twitter. [H/T: RightScoop]

He also mentioned that it was very likely that a well-known Fox News anchor has met with Wilson, although he did not know the specific anchor’s name.

It hasn’t been revealed what was discussed at the meetings or what questions the journalists asked Wilson.

“Because it was off the record, those anchors can’t talk about the meetings,” said Stelter.

However, the preliminary connections have set the groundwork for Wilson to personally choose which anchor and network he trusts the most to report his story.

Some people were quick to view the meetings as some sort of conspiracy and suggested that the anchors were trying to protect Wilson.

However, reporters including Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon responded to this claim and made it clear that they were only doing their jobs as journalists.

“There is no conspiracy here,” wrote Cooper in a tweet. “Reporters want to interview people and sometimes you have to meet them first.”

The media has often made the Ferguson situation worse, by fanning the flames of racial distrust and painting Wilson as the culprit before all of the true facts were public.

While many protesters on the ground in Ferguson refuse to even consider that the police officer may not be guilty, the meetings with these high-profile journalists may be Wilson’s best chance to tell the public his firsthand account of events.


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