BREAKING: Banned Muslim Detained At Airport Shocks With Alarming LIVE Statement About Trump!

BREAKING: First Muslim Arrested Entering U.S. After Trump's Ban Drops SHOCKING Bomb On LIVE T.V.!

An Iraqi Muslim was detained the second he stepped off the plane today at New York’s JFK airport, as one of the first to realize that President Trump wasn’t messing around when he issued an executive order banning Muslims from entering. The shock of the reality of a leader with balls of steel was no match for the admission this Muslim man made on live television that even shocked CNN reporters who had no clue what bomb he was about to drop.

Two men were first stopped at JFK this morning coming in hot from Iraq with their sights set on America’s freedom as the first to feel the full effect of Trump’s executive order that was put into place while the were en route to the U.S. They barely even made it off the aircraft when they were taken into custody and told they weren’t going anywhere soon. Outrage immediately ensued by liberals calling this an egregious act of disrespect to these “travelers,” but the joke was on them, and CNN, when one spoke up in an interview with a shocking admission nobody was expecting.

CNN was one of the first reporters on the scene at JFK, likely seeing an opportunity to slander our president and his plans. As they spoke to one of the Muslim “victims,” they asked baiting questions to get people pissed at Trump for putting his foot down and causing these Muslims “hardship.” This was seemingly the purpose when they asked the Iraqi how he felt about Trump whose order is the reason he’s not reunited with his family right now, for which they got a response they definitely didn’t want.

Hameed Darweesh has just been released, as one of now a total of 12 Muslims stopped after the order, but told the reporter that he actually likes Trump. CNN, who notoriously slanders our president was hoping this man would too but was essentially called out on their efforts to do so. This just proves that there is a reason for the ban and the good Muslims guys are the ones being sent back to the Middle East. It’s a better vetting process that was needed all along but prevented by political correctness.

h/t: [RedstateWatcher]

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