BREAKING: Ford Just Sent HUGE ‘F You!’ To Trump After He Saved Them And The U.S. Automobile Industry

Ford’s new CEO, Jim Hackett, is a major jerk because he’s planning to have the Ford Focus built in China and shipped back to the USA. Ford, the car company known by the acronym “Fixed Or Repaired Daily”, would probably be better off leaving the Ford Focus in China. Maybe Hackett can move to China and stay there with the Focus.

This move completely snubs Americans of jobs and tosses a sausage in Trump’s proverbial face as Hackett completely disses his country and fellow Americans.

Will Ford’s decision to build the Focus in China and export them to the US go under the radar like similar decisions to shift manufacturing jobs overseas while Barack Obama was President? Will President Trump allow the production of the Ford Focus to move to China without a fight? Even if they don’t agree with him on everything, most Americans are aware of how hard President Trump is working to keep and grow manufacturing here in the United States. Ford’s decision will likely not go over well with the American consumer…

Americans buy American cars because they’re American. People don’t buy Ford because it’s the best car out there, but many buy the brand because it’s built “Ford tough” and pays the salary of hard-working Americans who feed their family every night. Buying American is something we do with pride. And let’s be honest, Ford has come quite a long way from the old school acronym that suggests their automobiles are fixed every day. I’m sure that’s just a funny play on words that someone made up decades ago. It’s not really true. There are people who drive Ford vehicles for years and don’t have issues. But you know how the car folks are – they all have their brand and they often insult the others with witty one-liners or funny acronyms.

Ford will export the next-generation Focus compact car from China to North America in 2019, rather than from Mexico as earlier planned, saving the company $500 million, a top executive said on Tuesday.

This is the part that I don’t understand. It costs $500 million LESS to get cars made AND SHIPPED from someone across the planet? Who’s building these cars? Is it a bunch of slave labor 8-year-olds? What happened? Did these kids graduate from sewing soccer balls to building cars? Or is it a robot factory that has real life Transformers working the grind and building cars faster than our normal robots can do it.

At least if the cars were made in Mexico, then truck drivers could haul them over and they wouldn’t need to be shipped across the sea. Of course, cars built in Mexico might use Corona for gasoline, but that’s a different story.

It is the first major manufacturing investment decision made by new Chief Executive Officer Jim Hackett, who succeeded Mark Fields in late May.

And thanks to his first major decision, they’re saving $500 million, but Americans think he’s a slop who snubbed Trump.

In January, after U.S. President Donald Trump criticized Ford for shipping small-car manufacturing to Mexico, Ford said it would kill plans to build a $1.8-billion Focus plant in San Luis Potosi and instead produce the new Focus at an existing plant in Hermosillo.

Although it is cheaper to build and ship cars to the United States from Mexico than China, ‘this was not a variable cost decision,’ Hinrichs said in a Tuesday morning briefing.

Did that quote just say that it was cheaper to build and ship cars to USA from MEXICO, instead of China? But they’re going to use China anyway? Is the factory in China that much better than the one in Mexico? Mexico can’t even figure out a way to provide clean drinking water, so maybe moving the cars to the smogcity isn’t a bad idea. Or, you know, you could hire Americans to produce American vehicles and sell them to other Americans.

That’s too patriotic, right? Provide American jobs to American people to sell American products. Yeah, that’s a little too much America for the average person. I guess we’ll switch it up a bit and send jobs to China while we increase our unemployment rate.

No problem there. It’s not like we need jobs anyway. Maybe some cool jobs previously held by illegal immigrants open up at Ben & Jerry’s in Vermont.

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