BREAKING: Former Ambassador Drops Bombshell About Obama and the “Islamic State” [VIDEO]

Defense Secretary Robert Gates Travels To Iraq

(Conservative Tribune) President Obama has repeatedly claimed that he knew nothing about the rise of the Islamic State and blamed the Intelligence community for underestimating them and failing to inform him.

But that has been shown to be a lie, as Obama was receiving briefings about the Islamic State more than a year ago, by the very intel community he cast blame on.

bama has lied and covered up his knowledge of the Islamic State because he doesn’t really want to engage them, for reasons known only to him.

The fact that Obama has been lying about his knowledge of the Islamic State has been further confirmed, this time by the ex-Ambassador to Iraq, according to Fox News.

During an appearance on Greta Van Susteren’s show, On The Record, former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq James Jeffrey said that Obama was warned about the rise of the Islamic State more than a year ago but did next to nothing about it.

Jeffrey claims that experts on Iraq were warning about the Islamic State back in November and December of last year, and that the fall of Fallujah in the spring proved that they posed a great threat to the entire Middle East.  Yet the Obama administration did nothing until June of this year.

Speaking about the current strategy of half-hearted, pin-prick airstrikes on select Islamic State targets, Jeffrey said, “This is a recipe for the status quo as I see it. I would prefer American ground troops in some numbers to deal with the conventional threat that ISIS is posing.”

His comments regarding the airstrike strategy and lack of ground troops echoes the repeated requests from U.S. military leaders, requests that Obama has been ignoring.

We all know that Obama is a liar, because he has proven that time and again.  Perhaps it is time to form a special investigation, similar to the 9/11 Commission, to find out exactly what Obama knew about the Islamic State and when he knew it.

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