BREAKING: Hacked Benghazi Email Could Put the Final Nail in the Coffin for Hillary


From Conservative Tribune: It’s looking worse for Hillary Clinton and her version of the truth regarding what she knew about the Sept. 11, 2012, terror attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Lybia.

The former secretary of state had repeatedly claimed the the Benghazi attack was fueled by hatred over an anti-Islam Internet video but leaked emails tell another story.

It’s now being reported that former White House staffer Sidney Blumenthal sent Clinton an email two days after the attack claiming it was “carried out by a jihadist group that had planned it at least one month in advance.”

Blumenthal emailed Clinton the day after the attack initially informing her that a Libyan senior security officer believed the attack was inspired by the video; however, the very next day, Blumenthal sent a follow-up email suggesting otherwise.

The email explained to Clinton that the security official believed the terrorist group Ansar al-Sharia was responsible for the attack. Furthermore, the email stated the terrorist group “took advantage of the cover” the video provided.

If this isn’t reason enough to convince anyone that Clinton knew why the attack was carried out, we’ll remind you of Gregory Hicks, the former deputy chief of mission in Libya at the time of the attacks, who told Congress he and everyone else on the mission knew the attack was the work of terrorists immediately (H/T WND).

This news isn’t very surprising considering that Clinton and the Obama administration continue to repeat lies even when evidence tells a completely different story.

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