BREAKING! HACKED EMAIL Shows Bill Clinton Sexually Abused His 3rd COUSIN While She Babysat Chelsea

As more and more Wikileaks emails are released that belong to Hillary Clinton the worse off she is. Every time an email dump happens the American public finds out more and more shady and deceitful things she has done. People ar seeing her quicker and quicker for who she really is.

In the most recent email dump emails were released of John Podesta. Podesta was a chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Another email showed the Clinton campaign was fearful of the Obama campaign who they thought was facilitating voter fraud. Now a new email shows that former President Bill Clinton allegedly sexually abused a third cousin of Chelsea’s.

The former president has dealt with a massive slew of sexual assault allegations by women. Those include Monica Lewinsky, Juanita Broaddrick and Ginnfer Flowers to name a few. Never before has he been accused of abusing a minor. But the sexual nature of the crimes seems right in line with his MO. The Clinton’s truly believe they can get away with anything. There is no crime or deception that is below them. They are embarrassing to our country.

Donald Trump even held a Facebook live chat with victims of Bill Clinton and then proceeded to sit them front row at the most recent presidential debate.

How it is possible to have such morally reprehensible people at the highest offices in the land is beyond me. Donald Trumo has also had numerous accusations of sexual assault. While Hillary’s crimes are not sexual in nature she is guilty of far more. Why anyone believes any of these people were or are acceptable to be our Commander in Chiefs is befuddlimg to me. They are all criminals. Whether one is worse than the other is neither here nor there. Their behavior is absolutely disgusting.

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