BREAKING! Hillary supporters used Craigslist ad to hire Time-Square rioters

The election is over – and liberals are in denial.

The same lefties who criticized Trump for stating that he was competing in a rigged election would now like to rig the system to prevent Trump from taking the Presidency (as Trump won the electoral college but not popular vote). There are petitions from liberals calling for Trump to be blocked from becoming President – as if that would ever happen, and protests have broken out everywhere.

While we didn’t see national protests break out following the election of Obama (and we all know the media would attribute it to racism if they did), they did following the election of Trump, because that’s what liberals do. Cry racism against anything you don’t like to try to stop it, then do the same and protest when you don’t get your way.

Hilariously enough, leftist groups are trying to make the reaction seem even worse than it is. As Red State Watcher reported, you didn’t have to do much searching to find a Craigslist ad looking for protestors.

What a bunch of sore losers.

They lost fare and square. The American public didn’t buy their absurd rhetoric that enforcing our immigration laws is racist, or that fighting Islamic terrorism is Islamophobic.

And you know what the good news is? They haven’t learned their lesson. They’re still crying racism – and you know what that means? They’re repeating a failed strategy.

Forget the next four years – get prepared for eight years of Trump.

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