BREAKING: Hillary In Total Panic After Cop Investigating DNC Staffer’s Murder Just Dropped Shocking Evidence About What He Saw

This is huge!

We’ve all seen the massive trail of dead bodies that follow the Clintons around wherever they go. Cross one of the crooked pair, and you’re likely to get “suicided” with a double tap to the back of the head. As Hillary and Bill continue to get away with their dirty deeds, unfortunately for them, a homicide detective who was assigned to investigate the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich just came forward with very disturbing new details that’s no doubt making crooked Hillary squirm just a little more than usual today.

If you’re not familiar with the story by now, DNC staffer Seth Rich was savagely murdered last July, right after feeding Wikileaks with some very disturbing dirt on Hillary prior to the presidential election. Several weeks later, Wikileaks would release thousands of emails related to Hillary as part of the infamous DNC Leaks, but Rich at that point was already dead. After leaving his Northwest D.C. neighborhood early Sunday morning on July 10, Rich was brutally shot multiple times before the shooter fled the scene, leaving zero evidence for authorities to solve the murder. It was an obvious intentional hit on his life and not a random robbing, as none of his personal items has been taken.

Following the grizzly murder, very little leads have been made by detectives assigned to the case, and now we just learned the  disturbing reason why. In a breaking report that’s just starting to make its rounds, Rod Wheeler, the lead detective who was hired by Seth Rich’s family to investigate the murder, told FOX 5 in DC that local police have been continuously stone-walling the investigation, while telling him to “stand down” on the Seth Rich murder investigation. Here’s a portion of his bombshell interview:

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