BREAKING: Hillary’s Likely VP Pick Is Revealed— TRUMP SALIVATING!

With Trump and Hillary head to head in the polls, the correct VP pick could be what propels either to victory.

According to insiders, Newt Gingrich appears to be the expected Trump VP pick. Newt himself has said that he would be Trump’s VP if nomination. As Conservative Post just reported, Hillary’s likely VP pick was just revealed, and it should put a smile on Trump’s face.

Disturbing new reports have revealed that Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is Hillary Clinton’s likely choice for Vice President.

These reports came out after Senator Harry Reid, D-Nev., spoke out to say that he’s opposed to a Democratic U.S. senator being chosen to run as Clinton’s vice presidential running mate.

“If we have a Republican governor in any of those states, the answer is not only no, but hell no,” Reid said, according to Western Journalism. “I would do whatever I can and I think most of my Democratic colleagues here would say the same thing.”

If Warren is named as Clinton’s running mate,  Republican Gov. Charlie Baker will have to name a successor to the former’s Senator seat if they win the election in November. Reid believes this move would definitely jeopardize the Democrats’ chances of regaining control of the Senate.

The Globe’s Matt Viser said that the fact that Reid is so focused on Massachusetts indicates that Warren is Clinton’s preferred choice for running mate.

So there’s our possible ticket; Clinton/Pocahontas 2016.

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