In a largely symbolic move, the GOP controlled House of Representatives passed a bill today to block President Obama’s Executive actions on illegal immigration policies, according to Fox News.

The bill, which was introduced by Florida Rep. Ted Yoho, effectively declares Obama’s actions as “null and void and without legal effect.”

The bill, which has little chance of getting past the still Harry Reid-controlled Senate, and which was called “non-sensical” by the White House, would likely be vetoed by Obama.

The piece of legislation is part of a broader, three-part plan by GOP leaders in the House to block Obama’s immigration moves, while still funding the government and avoiding a shutdown.  It is expected that a full funding bill will be passed next week, minus funding for the Department of Homeland Security, which the GOP plans to address separately next year, in order to ensure their funds are not used to implement Obama’s amnesty.

However, there is a real risk of a significant number of conservative House members fighting back against the House leadership, with some of them wanting to make a stand against Obama right now, instead of waiting until next year, when the new GOP-led Senate gets sworn in.

If conservatives do bail on Speaker Boehner‘s plan to fully fund the government next week, and put off fighting Obama over amnesty until next year, then Boehner will need Democrat help to pass the funding bill.

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi has reportedly offered a “hand of friendship” to Boehner, and is extending Democrat support for a funding bill, provided they get something out of it.

Sadly, this is just more of the same of what we have come to expect from the ineffectual GOP leadership in Congress.  They will continue to try and work with Democrats, and will fight tooth and nail to prevent true conservatives with actual solutions and plans to confront Obama from succeeding.

Courtesy of Conservative Tribune 

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