BREAKING: Illegal Immigrant Jihadist Caught Doing Something Terrifying INSIDE the US (VIDEO)


In addition to the almost 100 known terrorist organizations across the globe, there are countless “self-radicalized” individual terrorists with their own agendas operating in more countries than the known terrorists operate.

As the most concerning segment of the terrorist population, these individuals can wreak the most devastating havoc.

Amine el Khalifi was one such individual terrorist planning an attack on the United States like it has never seen before. Foiled by an undercover FBI operation, El Khalifi’s attack would have targeted the heart of American politics: the United States Capitol.

In undercover video shot by the FBI, El Khalifi is confident and dedicated to his mission. “I’m going to go it alone,” he says “I’m going to put everything on my body and inside a real place. Maybe uh, Capitol or somewhere who…with main people.”

El Khalifi was an unemployed Moroccan national living illegally in the United States and seeking revenge on the U.S. for its war on terror. Already facing assault charges, El Khalifi was urgently pursuing his terror plot.

The video offers a rare look into the mind of a would-be suicide bomber who, not long before he was arrested, was seen purchasing nails of all sizes for shrapnel for his body-bomb. “Training” with undercover FBI agents, El Khalifi learned how to use a sophisticated semi-automatic weapon in preparation to shoot anyone who would deter from his achieving his goal.

Convinced God was telling him to kill, El Khalifi admitted in the video, “This is not about happiness. This is about Allah. This is not about, you know, us anymore. It’s about Allah.”

After pleading guilty to terrorism charges, El Khalifi was sentenced to 30 years in prison (H/T The Gateway Pundit).

Unbeknownst to the average American citizen, plots like these are foiled everyday by the United States government. Though it is an exhausting and seemingly never-ending endeavor, Americans must remain vigilant in the war on terror. Supporting the men and women who fight at home and abroad is key to success in this fight.

Watch the full video here:

—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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