BREAKING: Iran Makes Terrifying Move Against the US Navy… Obama Does Nothing


From Conservative Tribune: In a previously undisclosed incident, an Iranian military observation jet was reported as intentionally flying within fifty yards of an armed U.S. Navy helicopter over the Persian Gulf.

U.S. military officials consider this a significant event because such a maneuver poses the risk of escalating into a military encounter between the two countries.

But that’s the last thing President Barack Obama needs as he desperately attempts to sign a nuclear “treaty” with the Islamic Republic, so Obama took no action.

U.S. military commanders were concerned due to the fact that previous Iranian military exercises in the region had been conducted in a professional manner, lending credence to the possibility that this was an intentional attempt to provoke a U.S. response.

The armed chopper, a Navy MH-60R, was conducting a routine patrol from the decks of the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier, currently stationed in the Persian Gulf region to keep an eye on Iranian ships smuggling weapons to Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen.

According to CNN, the Iranian Y-12 aircraft made two passes at the American helicopter, coming within fifty yards, prompting the helicopter to conduct very careful, “predictable” maneuvers so as to not to appear hostile in response.

There have been other incidents in the past that would be considered “aggressive” and U.S. military officials are concerned that one of the events could trigger military action between the United States and Iran.

All we know is that under other presidencies, this type of military bullying from other countries wouldn’t be tolerated and certainly wouldn’t happen more than once.

But we’re talking about President Obama’s favorite Middle Eastern country. Apparently they’re allowed to get away with whatever they want under his watch.

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