BREAKING: Is This the Oregon Shooter? 4chan Forum Says his Name is Toby Reynolds (VIDEOS)

toby reynolds

via LIBERTY NEWS: Anonymous 4chan users who earlier exposed a forum discussion where they say the Oregon campus shooter allegedly warned what he planned to do are now saying they know who he is. The group is spreading the user’s name and image on social media.

They allege his name is Toby Reynolds and associate him with the picture above. The user used screen name “eggman” in the forum.

While none of this is confirmed by government officials at this time, CNN and Fox News are referring to the discussion we posted screenshots of and suggesting it very well could be the real deal.

We want to use extreme caution here and preface this post by saying it is not confirmed that Toby Reynolds is the shooter. We posted about Reynolds earlier and have not received any denial that he is indeed the shooter. That said we haven’t gotten confirmation either.

What we do know, however, is that authorities are investigating a young man in his early twenties who had a prolific online presence. The man they are looking at was more based in the Seattle area, which is where Reynolds was just 24 hours ago. Reynolds had an online presence that was deeply involved in the “dark web” and included YouTube videos, snapchat profiles, dating profiles 4 chan anonymous forums and more.

Furthermore, he had referenced other recent shootings, was clearly disturbed and had even warned friends to stay away from schools in Oregon today.

One video on his YouTube channel raises a lot of red flags. The video is shockingly similar to that of California killer/shooter Elliot Rodger. In Rodgers’ video he complained about not being accepted by women. His final act was an act of what he believed was retribution. An act that included killing women who would not accept or love him.

Now watch the bizarre video below, published by Toby Reynolds, the man believed by many to be the Oregon shooter. Notice the extraordinary similarities. (Elliot Rodger video posted below it)

Elliot Rodgers.


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