BREAKING: ISIS Claims They Killed Top US Military Commander

Obama seems to be setting the U.S. up for failure in the fight against ISIS.

Liberals completely misunderstood Donald Trump’s point when he blasted Obama as the “founder of ISIS.” No idiots – he didn’t mean literally. I think everyone is aware that Obama in fact, did not meet with a group of jihadists one day and decide to create the Islamic State.

What Trump did mean is that Obama fostered an environment that allowed for ISIS to rise, primarily by pulling troops out of Iraq. Does anyone really think that it’s a coincidence that ISIS began to rise right as we reduced our presence in the Middle East? This is yet another blunder of Obama’s that he can’t blame on George W. Bush.

We’re barely fighting ISIS with boots on the ground, instead mainly fighting them with airstrikes. Going to fight an enemy with almost exclusively airstrikes seems to be like saying “we’re going to war – but we’re going to completely half-ass it.” Not only that, Obama blocks 75% of airstrikes against ISIS. The justification for blocking airstrikes is to avoid civilian causalities, but airstrikes kill less civilians per enemy combatant than boots on the ground do. If anything, he should be liberal in his use of airstrikes.

Now, as his failed foreign policy against ISIS continues into his final year in officer, we may have just lost a top military commander.

Via The Federalist Papers

The Islamic State is claiming they have assassinated a top U.S. military commander in Kabul.

In a statement released by the group’s Amaq News Agency, it says it has killed the commander with an explosive device. They’re claiming two other Afghan officers were also killed.

NATO officials are denying the claim, saying nobody has been killed under their command.

Their statement said: “There is no truth to any claims that a U.S. military commander was killed in today’s Kabul explosion, several ANA members were wounded only,” The Mirror is reporting.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, which occurred near the U.S. Embassy and the country’s courthouse. Their news agency claims they used a “sticky bomb” to carry out the assassination. “Sticky bombs” are magnetic explosives that stick to the underside of cars.

Separately, authorities on Monday confirmed the Taliban have overrun a police headquarters in the Dahna-e-Ghori district in northern Baghlan province.

To two terror groups are claiming credit for the attacks – ISIS and the Taliban. The two groups had previously been fighting with one another, but since aligned until U.S. forces were driven out of Afghanistan.

Once Donald Trump is President, we’ll be driving them out of Afghanistan first.

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