BREAKING: ISIS Claims Responsibility for Berlin Christmas Market Attack

The attack yesterday on Berlin inured fifty and killed fifty and its now being labeled a terroris attack and ISIS has claimed responsibility. Which is what authorities were thinking to begin with.

The Iraqui Popular Mobilization Force tweeted that the terror group took responsibility via social media. Twelve are dead and fifty are left injured after being crushed from a car driven into a Christmas market in Germany.

Encrypted technology was able to find the group had several jihadist Twitter account which claimed responsibility for the attack. This was all according to the Washington Times. The truck driver was arrested and the other rider during the crash is now pronounced dead.

It is very similar to the attack on Bastille Day in Nice, France where a terrorist drove a truck into a crowd of unsuspecting civilians. That attack took place this summer. The attacker there was a Tunisian native who was an ISIS terrorist. Two hundred were injured there, gen were kids and eighty four were murdered.

Not much else is known about this attack in Germany. But it came out as breaking news yesterday. President Obama did not immediately give a response but President Elect Trump has which many people have noticed.

It is also unknown if other attacks are going to be carried out as part of a planned attack across multiple countries or if this was a lone wolf attack. Investigators are still looking into the details of the case. All that is known is that this was a deliberate attack carried out by an ISIS terrorist.

Until then we hope that no other tragedy befalls Europe during the holiday season. Now is a time of joy and happiness it is not supposed to be a time of death as no tragedy. pray for peace until it is over.


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