BREAKING: ISIS Discovered Recruiting In This U.S. City, Americans Are On High Alert


From Conservative Tribune: The Cedar Riverside community in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has become a hotbed for Islamic state group terrorist recruitment, according to a congressional report. The community has the largest Somali population in America and has served as fertile breeding ground for extremists.

Of the 250 Americans who have attempted to join the Islamic state group, one in four are former refugees living in Minnesota. Many of those refugees came to America in the 1990s and an “alarming” number of young Somali men from Cedar Riverside have left to join extremist groups.

Since 2007, two dozen have joined AL-Shabab in Somalia, according to CBS.

The community has created a task force and is using Somali police officers to develop relationships with those in the community in an attempt to fight back against terrorist recruitment.

“It’s time for Muslims to really stand up and really fight these groups and defeat them through faith and military too,” said Imam Adbisalam Adam, who was a member of that task force.

The hope was that the task force would provide young men with “the sense of accomplishment to be something bigger than yourself. It’s that sentiment that extremists tap into,” said Adam.

Five Somali men were reportedly awaiting trial after allegedly attempting to join the Islamic state group, and at least 15 additional cases were being investigated.

This is troubling news as President Barack Obama refuses to reconsider his stance on allowing thousands of Syrian refugees to resettle in the U.S. despite the fact that there is no way to vet these individuals adequately before they cross the border.

But don’t expect Obama to change his mind — even after we have plenty of proof that some of these “harmless refugees” mean to do harm once they make it to the United States.

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