BREAKING: ISIS Just Made Disturbing New Claim About London Terror Attack And It’s BAD

ISIS has issued a statement that claims they are responsible for the attack in London that claimed three innocent lives. This is one of those times where you make an assumption about something and it was right. If you assumed ISIS was responsible for the terror attacks in the UK, then you nailed it.

It gets worse. ISIS states they are basically sending messages to ISIS supporters to launch their own attacks on civilians and security services, particularly those associated with the US-lef bombing of Syria and Iraq. Not only does ISIS control their own attacks, but they’re influencing others to carry out individual attacks. Sadly enough, people are doing it. We need to identify those people before they carry their attack into fruition.

It’s an extremely difficult task to uncover people who work covertly in terror. Sometimes the terrorists are working next to you at work, shopping next to you at the mall, or eating next to you in a restaurant. Social media has made it possible for terror organizations to reach out to people who they normally had no access to.

When ISIS makes the warning that other people will commit acts of terror, then take it serious and keep eyes open.

A statement published by the group’s Amaq propaganda agency said a “soldier of the Islamic State” had carried out the atrocity by the Houses of Parliament.

It said the man was following a call made by the group to launch attacks on civilians and security forces in countries allied to the US-led coalition bombing its territories in Syria and Iraq.

The wording of the statement mentioned no direct involvement in the attack, which investigators have said was inspired by Islamist terrorism.

Isis frequently claims responsibility for terror attacks that it has not directly orchestrated or facilitated, but that are publicly linked to its ideology.

Metropolitan Police detectives are investigating the attack as terror-related but have not named any particular group.

Eight people have been arrested in a series of overnight arrests in London and Birmingham, where the attacker hired the car used in the massacre.

Unfortunately, there are people brainwashed enough to buy into this sick ideology which accomplishes nothing by harm and destruction. There’s no payout. There’s no virgins. There’s nothing. People don’t remember suicide bombers, they remember the victims and they remain resilient.

Whenever there’s an attack on the public, they regroup, rebuild, and keep moving. 9/11 was a perfect example. Mass carnage, death, and total destruction occurred that day and the end result was a unified America, stronger people, and a country who became stronger as a result.

It’s a shame that everyone can’t wake up and just have a good day.

There’s literally no need for any of these wars, attacks, and bombings.

How about a cup of coffee and a smile?

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