BREAKING: ISIS Plans To Attack 6 Us Cities Leaked

Alex Jones of InfoWars has provided new evidence indicating ISIS might follow through with six more terrorist attacks following the Orlando, Florida massacre. Every year these types of terror attacks are doubling. Jones sites a Delta Force member, which is the highest and most elite anti-terrorism unit in the United States military.

The alleged targets are Orlando, Florida, Los Angeles, California, San Francisco, California, New York City, New York, Boston, Massachusetts, and Miami, Florida. The attacks are supposedly meant to take place during the month of Ramaden. Which is this month.

He asks why are countries all over Europe and officials in the United States allowing millions of undocumented refugees into their countries. Considering the fact some are fighting age men. Instead he says politicians are calling for more gun control on law abiding citizens.

He points out liberal hypocrisy by mentioning how Michael Moore, an ardently progressive liberal filmmaker, has a slew of his own bodyguards. As well as the owner of Bloomberg.

Furthermore, he tries to attest that the “criminal elements” of our government in the United States are allied with radical Islam. Insisting he has highly reputable sources. He goes off on an angry tangent accusing President Obama of being Muslim since he was a child in Indonesia saying Muslims should basically go back where they came from in huts wearing black hoods.

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