BREAKING: Israel Just DESTROYED John Kerry with Just 5 Words!

American’s are up in arms after the United States ambassador to the United Nations abstained from voting on a resolution that limits Israeli settlements in Jerusalem. Now Israel and its Prime Minister Netanyahu are furious their long time ally has turned their back on them. This action is one in favor of Palestine.

Secretary of State John Kerry gave a peace talk where he discussed the resolution and the administration’s decision to abstain from the vote. He essentially blamed Israel and called them a country that does not understand the world. Watch his speech right here,

Kerry said the following,

“If the choice is one state, Israel can either be Jewish or democratic, it cannot be both, and it won’t ever really be at peace. The United States did in fact vote in accordance with our values, just as previous administrations have done. The vote in the United Nations was about preserving the two-state solution. That’s what we were standing up for.”

Netanyahu had a harsh response to Kerry’s press conference and speech. Justifiably so. Kerry said the two state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is in grave jeopardy. The Israeli Prime Minister called Kerry’s speech disappointing, unbalanced, and obsessively focused. Moreover, he went on to say that Kerry paid lip service to Palestinian terrorists.

As well, he insisted the Palestinian’s issue with Israel comes down to their very right to exist. Which he argued the Palestinian’s do not believe they have. Netanyahu angrily stated Kerry does not see the simple truth in that.

Many people feel that under the Obama administration and by extension John Kerry the President has been attacking our so called ally Israel, allowing ISIS to run rampant, and allowing nuclear tensions with our enemy Russia to rise. This abstaining from voting on the resolution and rumors that the President orchestrated the resolution itself seems to confirm these allegations.

The massive human rights violations by both Israeli’s and Palestinians make it very strange for the Obama administration to bring down such an exacting ruling that favors Palestinians. Neither state is innocent. Yet the Obama administration has firmly sided with Palestinians on this one. Conservatives who are staunchly pro-Israel are hoping with the inauguration of Donald Trump these policies will change quickly.

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