BREAKING: Israel Releases Bombshell Video Showing Iranian ICBMs That Could Hit America


Barack Obama promised so-called “smart diplomacy” that would make the world a safer place. Now, a frightening new video shows just how spectacularly that weak stance has failed.

Israel’s news media has just released satellite photos that allegedly show missile silos near Tehran, Iran.

Shockingly, the silos appear to be designed for ICBMs: Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles. If true, Israel could definitely be at risk, along with nearly every other county — including the United States.

Those missiles could “reach reach far beyond Europe,” stated The Times of Israel.

An Israeli TV report indicated that the photos were taken by an “Eros B” imaging satellite, which was put into orbit in 2006.

While it is possible that the large missile silos could be used for peaceful purposes such as satellite launches, there is a strong possibility that they are intended to deliver warheads.

[H/T: Gateway Pundit]

The revelation of the silos comes at a very bad time for President Obama. He is reportedly trying to negotiate a deal that would allow Iran to keep their uranium enrichment capability.

Iran and its allies have claimed that such a program is only for scientific and energy purposes — but their true goal could be nuclear weapons.

If true, Obama’s leniency toward Iran and refusal to push sanctions against the country could buy them enough time to build weapons of mass destruction.

That’s exactly the scenario that Israel fears. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently angered Obama and other liberals when he pushed for sanctions against Iran. Now, it seems that those fears may have been justified.

Conservatives such as Bush, Romney, and now Netanyahu have been constantly mocked by liberals for taking hard-line stances against rogue nations.

However, it seems that the left has not learned a vital lesson: Ignoring a threat does not make it go away. While the Obama administration pretends that everything can be solved with words, Iran continues to take action… and those actions could be disastrous.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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