BREAKING: It Turns Out Khan Is A PERVERT – Email Traced to SICK Site & Nasty Address

The Khan family, especially he father, made waves months ago at the Democratic National Convention when he denounced Donald Trump and pulled out a constitution asking if he’d ever read it. Many were pleased while many were not. There were verbal assaults that went back and forth between Trump and his family.

Turns out the Gold Star father has a shady past. Reporters have done some sleuthing and digging. The results are nerve wracking.

Kinky links is described online as a perverted nightclub. Mr. Khan himself registered online with them and even provides his email address and physical address. Which also means that this perverted place and the same foundation in memory of the Khan’s son are in the same exact place. That’s disgusting.

This is certainly not something that people expected to be developed. But it does raise questions about the Khan family and does not make there arguments or beliefs look any better when they have these shady dealings going on.

It is certainly an embarrassing snaffoo. Certainly one that speaks to the character of Mr. Khan. The fact that he has the audacity to criticize Donald Trump when he has such a salacious past and present is pretty comical. What kind of person does that?

He says that Donald Trump had a black soul and heart yet he is registered with a perverted nightclub site. Clearly there is something going on there that the public knows nothing about. Perhaps most importantly he simply tried using his fifteen minutes of fame. But what he should have done is cleaned out the skeletons in his closet before going and knocking on other peoples. He apparently thought people wouldn’t be looking into his past when he was basically spitting on other peoples.

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