BREAKING: Kim Jong Un Just Made A CATASTROPHIC Move With Our Navy At Their Door – It’s ON NOW!

Less than a week ago, the United States literally burst back onto the world stage. After Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons on his own people President Trump retaliated. This military strike on the Syrian bases sent a strong message to dictators around the world. America is back and we will not be pushed around anymore.

Now, a spokesperson for North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s government has issued an ominous message. This message comes shortly after the USS Carl Vinson has begun to move towards the Korean Peninsula.

The North Korean spokesman said according to Fox News:

“We will hold the U.S. wholly accountable for the catastrophic consequences to be entailed by its outrageous actions. This goes to prove that the U.S. reckless moves for invading the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) have reached a serious phase of its scenario. If the U.S. dares opt for a military action, crying out for ‘preemptive attack’ and ‘removal of the headquarters,’ the DPRK is ready to react to any mode of war desired by the U.S.”

To break this down into layman’s terms it simply means, bring it on.

After eight years of an administration that practically did nothing, Trump is getting back to business. These tyrants around the world have thought that they could get away with their bullying behavior. However, that is not going to fly under the Trump administration.

This past Sunday, on ABC’s “This Week”, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson reiterated that sentiment. Though he did not mention Kim Jong Un by name you could not miss the reference.

Tillerson said, “If you violate international agreements, if you fail to live up to commitments, if you become a threat to others, at some point a response is likely to be undertaken,”

While some people may not be used to Trump’s aggressive approach it is exactly what is needed. These tyrants will not back down unless they are pushed back down. And, by North Korea’s response, it is obvious it is working.

What do you think?

H/T [ Fox News ]