BREAKING: Leaked Email Exposes Bombshell About the National Guard in Ferguson


An incredible detail about the Ferguson, Mo., crisis has just been revealed. Missouri Democrat Gov. Jay Nixon ordered the National Guard to stay away from the troubled city — despite the fact that riots were taking place and the police wanted help from the Missouri troops.

Newly released records show that law enforcement officials requested assistance from National Guard to protect the Ferguson police headquarters from rioters, but they never got it.

It was known in advance that there would be unrest on the night that the Darren Wilson grand jury decision was announced.

Amazingly, the records show that the Democrat governor refused to grant the request for extra protection.

Apparently the guard will not move to the FPD per the governor,’ stated an email exchange between St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar and other state officials.

According to The Daily Caller, many officials were outraged by that decision.

“(Mayor) Knowles and others were critical of the decision not to have the Guard in place in Ferguson at the time of the announcement, after a dozen area businesses were destroyed in fires during protests,” stated one news report.

Missouri’s Republican lieutenant governor, Peter Kinder, has stated for months that he believed Nixon explicitly ordered the National Guard to stay out of Ferguson while the rioting erupted.

“(Governor Nixon) declared a State of Emergency almost a week ago and mobilized the National Guard. Then they were kept away at the crucial time while Ferguson burned,” Kinder said on Fox News back in November.

“We know (the National Guard) were kept away because they did not come in and stop that from the get-go,” he added. “They were deployed in other parts of the St. Louis region.”

Kinder posed an important question about the National Guard. “Why were they not in there at the first sign of an overturned police car or a smashed police car window with a show of force that would have stopped this?”

The lieutenant governor also brought up a more disturbing point: Nixon and the National Guard may have been used as puppets by Barack Obama and Eric Holder all along.

“Here’s my question that the governor must answer — is the reason that the National Guard was not in there because the Obama administration and the Holder Justice Department leaned on you to keep them out?” said Kinder.

This newly uncovered email may be one more piece of evidence supporting that theory.

It was Gov. Nixon’s job to use the National Guard and other resources to protect property and lives in Ferguson. Instead, it looks like he played politics, putting his own leftist agenda ahead of his sworn duty.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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