BREAKING: Legendary “Watergate” Journalist Slammed Obama [VIDEO]

President Obama and Family Spend Holidays In Hawaii

On Christmas day, apparently in between pressing appointments on the golf course, President Barack Obama found a few moments to address the Marines stationed in Hawaii.

As part of his address to the Marines, Obama lied directly to their faces, telling them that the world is a better, safer, and more peaceful place than it was before he took office.

The direct implication of his message is that his policies have resulted in making the world a safer place, but he is completely wrong, as his policies have actually done the exact opposite.

That point was made on Sunday by the legendary journalist who blew open the “Watergate” scandal during the Nixon administration, Bob Woodward.

Woodward was appearing on Fox News Sunday when he was asked about Obama’s comments by host Chris Wallace. (H/T Breitbart)

Wallace asked Woodward, “Is the world safer than it was a year ago?”

Woodward replied, “Well, it clearly is not, and Obama has contradicted himself on that because he’s declared war on ISIS and said not just are we going to contain it but we are going to destroy it. So there’s lots of danger out there.”

Given the time constraints of the show, and the fact that other guests needed time to talk about other subjects, Woodward left it at that.  But he could have gone on at length about how Obama contradicted himself, and how the world is decidedly less safe than it used to be.

While Woodward was right to point out the danger posed by the Islamic State in both Iraq and Syria, he could have also talked about the rising danger in Afghanistan.

He could have also discussed how Obama is almost assuredly letting Iran obtain a nuclear weapon, or how Obama is ignoring the rapid spread of radical Islamic jihadism that is popping up in all corners of the globe.

Woodward could have also mentioned how quickly China is building their military, and how their economy is now bigger than ours, and how they are aggressively expanding their sphere of influence, both inside and outside of their Pacific region.

There is also the military adventurism being practiced by Russia’s Vladimir Putin, which has Ukraine split in half, eastern Europe trembling, and many people fearing the Cold War has been reborn.

There are numerous other issues that could have been brought up to further prove that the world is in fact a less safe place, thanks largely to Obama and his failed policies.

Perhaps Chris Wallace and Bob Woodward can get together in a few weeks and dedicate an entire show to that particular subject, although they would still be pressed for time to fully explain it all.

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