BREAKING: Look What Just Happened At Trump’s First White House Easter Egg Roll!

One of the most beloved annual White House events was today, marking the 139th Easter Egg Roll on South Lawn of the People’s House. As one Melania Trump’s first big events she expected to host as First Lady liberal and mainstream considered it to be a litmus test of her hosting chops and didn’t want to make it easy for her, which proved to be the case today with what happened.

The Easter Egg Roll is no small undertaking as 21,000 guests were invited and 18,000 eggs were rolled out. All the pomp and American tradition was on full display in a family-friendly atmosphere that arguably beat the last two events of this kind under Michelle Obama’s organization of it. Then, something shocking occurred right in the middle of it that many people missed, but luckily, cameras caught it.

Melania said she intentionally toned down some of the flashier aspects of it from years past, bringing the focus back on the wholesome tradition of the event. Like most things in the White House, Michelle had made it about her and her tastes and less about America.

“The affair was smaller than it was under first lady Michelle Obama, whose Easter Egg Rolls drew celebrities, professional athletes and big-name musicians, the Washington Post reported. “Stephanie Grisham, Trump’s spokeswoman, said this week that the first lady decided to scale back the event because she worried it had grown too large, creating long lines for some activities.”

Showing her deep love and respect for this country that she worked hard to become a part of, Melania and her 11-year-old son, Barron, both proudly put their hand on their hearts the second the National Anthem began. Showing a side to her that many wives can relate to, she gently nudged President Donald Trump to do the same after he became distracted. However, the liberals saw it as something else entirely.

Everything about this day went off without a hitch and Melania’s impeccable hosting skills were evident. Despite all of the negativity and scrutiny she receives ahead of this event, the pressure didn’t get to her as she was the picture of perfection, which is why liberals had to dig up something the ridicule the couple over.

Trump had just concluded and impressive speech about “America’s toughness” when liberals showed how weak they are with their relentless attacks over innocuous things, according to Truth Monitor.

BREAKING: Look What Just Happened At Trump's First White House Easter Egg Roll!

While it was endearing to see the First Couple in an endearing moment many of us can relate to, the left is seemingly turning it into a national offense. However, these same people never took issue with the numerous times Barack Obama failed to salute soldiers when stepping off Air Force One and Marine Force One. Both he and Michelle were spotted with a look of disdain on their faces during the anthem before and not a word was said about that. However, when Trump is one heartbeat late to putting his hand on his chest during the anthem, all hell breaks loose with allegations about his patriotism running rampant now.

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