BREAKING: Look What Just Happened To Trump’s Secret Service After 3 Assassination Attempts In 1 Week!

BREAKING: Look What Just Happened To Trump's Secret Service After 3 Assassination Attempts In 1 Week!

The Secret Service for President Trump has been beat three times in one week, despite being one of the most important jobs in the country. The attacks against our Commander-in-Chief are more frequent and imminent than any other leader before him, which means security needs to be on point at all times.

Two White House fence jumpers managed to breach security on different days and as we reported Sunday, a man who said he had a bomb was detained at the checkpoint, just short of the White House entrance. However, the biggest risk is perhaps within the service created to prevent it, and now a major announcement has been made in the President’s best interest.

Just a few weeks before the recent onslaught of attacks aimed our president, one Secret Service agent went on social media to express her support for Hillary Clinton and claim that she wouldn’t “take a bullet” for President Trump. This goes directly against her job description and purpose for her position despite how she voted. The president’s life relies on her to do what she signed on for, and now she’s paying a dear price for adding to the assassination threats in not protecting our nation’s leader from them.

Kerry O’Grady is a Secret Service agent in charge in Denver and openly admitted that she didn’t care enough for Trump to do her job in being the person to stand between life and death for him if the situation were to arise on her watch. As with many people who professed that they’re “with her (Hillary),” the statement resulted in losing favor which O’Grady rightfully got when she was removed from her position that she worked years to achieve. However, now she has a new job that’s sure to infuriate many Americans.

BREAKING: Look What Just Happened To Trump's Secret Service After 3 Assassination Attempts In 1 Week!
Kerry O’Grady, Secret Service agent in charge in Denver

Not surprisingly, Hillary is nowhere to be found after this woman sacrificed her career in support of the losing candidate, but all doesn’t seem to be lost for O’Grady. The verbiage is a little murky in the report about her release, which indicates that although she’s been removed, she may have just been put in a different position. The speculation is that she could be put in a role within the Department of Homeland Security, where she can finish out her career and guarantee a pension, Washington Examiner reports.

It’s been a rough week for those in this respected security position and it’s only going to get worse if they don’t do some realignment to tighten down their important role. In no other time in presidential history has a president’s security been at such risk that Trump’s is today.

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