BREAKING: Madonna Wasn’t Done Destroying The White House — Look At What She Is Doing

There was no shortage of nasty women at Saturday’s Women’s March, but Madonna took the cake when it came to who the nastiest was.

Her profanity-ridden, confrontational speech raised a few eyebrows – her expressing desire to blow up the White House raising the most.

After coming under fire (such as the Secret Service announcing they’d investigate the incident, and New Gingrich calling for her to be arrested), she decided to “clarify” her comments, writing on her Instagram: “My speech began with ‘ I want to start a revolution of love.’ I then go on to take this opportunity to encourage women and all marginalized people to not fall into despair but rather to come together and use it as a starting point for unity and to create positive change in the world,” she wrote. “I spoke in metaphor and I shared two ways of looking at things — one was to be hopeful, and one was to feel anger and outrage, which I have personally felt. However, I know that acting out of anger doesn’t solve anything. And the only way to change things for the better is to do it with love.”

And how did she follow up by showing how loving she is? With the following tweet.


I’m not sure that’s going to go over well considering that they’re investigating her. She obviously realized this – as she deleted the tweet.

You can say anything you want about our politicians in America – except threaten them with physical harm. It’s obviously extremely likely that Madonna is a physical danger to anyone but herself, of course.

Still, given her response to the Secret Service’s investigation into her, it’s unlikely that this is the last time we’ll see Madonna under fire to controversial remarks. In fact, when it comes to liberal craziness, the next eight years are going to be packed with levels of insanity we never thought possible.

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