BREAKING: What McDonald’s Just Did To Trump Is SO VILE You’ll Never Eat Their Food Again — Must Boycott NOW!

The vile rhetoric against our president never seems to freaking end. Liberals are continually spewing their disgusting sentiments at President Trump, with assassination threats now becoming just a common almost everyday occurrence. But what was just blasted out over social media by the official Twitter representing McDonalds is so sick, it will make you’ll never want to eat at their establishment ever again.

McDonald’s Corp pinned the following nasty anti-Trump tweet on the top of their official Twitter account for several minutes Thursday morning, calling Trump a “disgusting excuse of a President” who has “tiny hands.”

Guess McDonald’s doesn’t want the business of working Americans! The fast food chain immediately tried to cover their ass, deleting the post, and saying that they are “investigating” the incident.

Are you buying the fast food chain’s excuse? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

H/T [Gateway Pundit]

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