BREAKING: Megyn Kelly Shocks Fans With MASSIVE Announcement Live on Air

Megyn Kelly, that blonde TV lady who hates Trump, just threw a major wrench in the midst of her contract negotiations with Fox.

She’s claiming that she was sexually harassed. Yup. Another one of these cases where it’s probably BS. Another case where someone waits ages or until it’s convenient to throw someone under the bus because they maybe made them feel uncomfortable. Or maybe they did sexually harass someone, but the person they harassed actually liked the attention. I always call this BS when the person who gets harassed doesn’t speak up in a timely manner.

This time Megyn Kelly, who I could not care less about, claims she was sexually harassed by Roger Ailes. How convenient that she’s in the last few months of her overpaid contract earning her $15 million a year. Wow, what does she get that much for? You could replace Megyn Kelly with a million better looking blondes and have them say the same gibberish that she babbles off.

What’s she trying to do, get $20 million now?


Radar – “I was approached several times, and several times I refused,” she claims in the book, obtained by Radar.

She insists, however, “There was no way I was going to lie to protect him.”

Ailes vehemently has denied any misconduct. But Kelly claims in the book that he started to harass her, too, in the summer of 2005, a few months after she was hired as a legal correspondent in Fox’s Washington bureau.

She writes that she was informed by her managing editor that she’d “captured the attention of Mr. Ailes” and she was summoned to the first of a series of meetings in his Manhattan office.

“Roger began pushing the limits,” she alleges. “There was a pattern to his behavior. I would be called into Roger’s office, he would shut the door, and over the next hour or two, he would engage in a kind of cat-and-mouse game with me — veering between obviously inappropriate sexually charged comments (e.g. about the ‘very sexy bras’ I must have and how he’d like to see me in them) and legitimate professional advice.”

He offered to advance her career “in exchange for sexual favors,” she writes, and even though she says she rejected “every single one,” she claims he tried “physical advances.”

Where was all this information years ago when it happened?

I don’t recall hearing about this. I don’t recall caring about Megyn Kelly either.

I could care less if Roger really did any of this. Good for her. Good for him. Let them both go harass each other and get out of our news.

Megyn Kelly is a blonde Kardashian to me. Just another talent-less hack who probably got way too lucky to get her face on TV.

But if you care about her, good for you. Enjoy reading about her and Roger arguing over sexual harassment.

I’ll be catching up on season two of Shameless on demand. That’s a lot more entertaining than anything involving Megyn Kelly, a Kardashian ho, or the WNBA.

Reading about Megyn Kelly and her $15-million-dollar problem is like taking off my socks and stepping on 40-watt light bulbs covered in hydrochloric acid.

Hear that sizzle? That’s my feet while I read about Megyn Kelly. If she wasn’t so annoying, then it might be her sizzling in hotness, but she’s become intolerable, so there goes that.

Good luck with your contract talks, Megyn.

I’ll be over here not caring.


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