BREAKING: Trumps Drops Heartbreaking Announcement About Where Barron Will Live For Next 4 Years

BREAKING: Melania Drops SHOCKING Announcement About Why She & Barron Won't EVER Be Moving Into White House

Fist Lady Melania Trump initially announced that she and 10-year-old son Barron Trump would be staying at home in New York until the end of his school year. Although she received scathing criticism for this decision, nothing could prepare her for was coming after coming forward with an admission that they may never move into the White House and have plans to stay in New York indefinitely for the next four years for a very specific reason.

The original plan was for her to stay at the Trump Tower in New York to create a smooth transition for Barron, where he could end the school year in a familiar place and then move to the White House over the summer. She received heaping amounts of hate for this good parenting decision from liberals saying that she was soaking up too much tax cash to cover her security in a different city, while also claiming that the kid was an excuse for her escape from Donald Trump. The hate for the first family was taken out on the youngest son, who has endured endless ridicule that isn’t over yet after what his protective mom just announced.

Melania has decided that she may have to reconsider the plan to move to Washington, D.C. in the summer as it may not be in the best interest of Barron. “They will reevaluate toward the end of the school year if they will keep this arrangement or if Melania and Barron will move to Washington,” a family insider told US Weekly. Her main focus is to do what’s best for her and President Trump’s child, to give him the happiest and most secure upbringing possible. Melania is a mom first and a First Lady second, and despite what her detractors claim, she’s already embraced her prestigious new role, but hasn’t abandoned her parenting position.

There’s literally nothing this woman and her child could do that the left would praise them for because they will always find something they perceive is wrong with her decisions. She’s not using up much more security than she would be given if she lived in the White House and saving much more than what she’s spending by not frequently vacationing like Michelle Obama did. If she does go anywhere, Trump has already said they will personally foot their own bills.

Liberals should take note of what responsible parenting looks like and see that this is a woman who leads by example. Making motherhood meaningful again is perhaps her most important platform as First Lady she didn’t know she was making by just being herself.

h/t: [TheHill]

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