BREAKING: Melania Trump Is Being Rushed Out Of D.C. The Moment Inauguration Is Over — Here’s Why

Our new first lady stood strong and proud by her presidential husband’s side throughout a day of inauguration festivities. She even showed extreme bravery in walking part of the parade route through Washington, D.C. despite riots burning not far from where they were, caused by outraged liberals who don’t know how to deal with disappointment. Now we know she won’t be staying long and will be rushed away from the momentous day for good reason.


Melania has been there for President Trump every step of the way and so has his young son 10-year-old Barron, who has undoubtedly had a very long day today for a kid his age. The First Lady has been criticized by everyone on the left for a number of reasons, namely her parenting choices that seem to make sense for conservatives, and now she’ll likely be slammed for why she’s leaving D.C. so quickly.

While Melania looks forward to her prestigious role in the White House, it’s only secondary to being a mother. Our respectable First Lady will only be in town for the rest of the festivities on Friday and Saturday but will head back home to New York City on Sunday with Barron, as Monday is a school day, according to TMZ. Her controversial decision to stay at Trump Tower until the school year has ended is only going to reignite an argument among her detractors now that she’s leaving the new president’s side to make sure their son transitions to Washington smoothly.

Without realizing it, Melania’s commitment to her family is her true platform as the First Lady, as she restores the importance of parenting by her own example. This is what’s been missing in the White House for eight years as Michelle Obama only wanted to tell other people how to parent and change what they eat in school, but seemed to have different priorities for her own daughters, allowing them to live a Hollywood life at a very young age.

h/t: [HollywoodLife]

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