BREAKING: Mexico Just Bowed Down To Trump! Look What They Just Agreed To Build

Mexican officials are calling the November general election and saying they think Donald Trump will win. That’s certainly how it appears. Otherwise, why would they meet with him if they didn’t think he would win.

Law enforcement authorities are increasing the work of their repatriations division. Whigh indicatesthey are expected to take in additional deported Mexican immigrants. This is after Donald Trump wins the presidency. It would certainly appear they are hedging their bets. reports that their are initial signs that the Mexican president realized the likelihood of a Donald Trump presidency is very real. For example, one major sign is the Somos Mexicanos program. It is specifically designed to be advantageous to Mexicans returning from Mexico to enter America.

The immigration station of Mexico even remodeled with the intention of including a specific section for repatriations. Which would symbolize the Mexican government believes their will soon be a influx of Mexicans returning to Mexico.


Mexican President Peña Nieto previously compared Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler as well as Mussolini. As well, he hurled insults at Donald Trump and went on to say that what he wants is to open up relations with whomever the 45th president of the United States is.

However, if Mexico will have an influx of Mexican citizens coming back what would be the purpose of having a wall to begin with? The purpose is to detract and discourage people from illegally migrating. But if illegal migrants are returning to their home country why then would we need a wall?

Donald Trump’s primary campaign policy has been advocating for the building of a wall on the Mexican-American border so if that does not happen their are many people who would be upset.

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