BREAKING: Military Coup In Turkey, Islamic Government Overthrown – BATTLE VIDEO

Turkey’s prime minister has declared there is a military coup underway. Turkey’s military sees itself as the guardian of the secular constitution. Military leaders are opposed to Prime Minister Recep Erdogan’s brand of Islam which they see as a threat to the republic.

Live updates. Videos of the fighting below.

CNN has reported Turkey’s military leadership as saying that the government has been overthrown. It’s unclear who is in control of the country.

military statement_0

Tanks have entered the capitol, blocking bridges, and troops have been sent to other cities, according to the Daily Mail UK.

Bomb goes off at the Turkish parliament building.

Rocket hits a building in downtown Ankara.

Tank runs over a car as civilians try to stop it.

Helicopter gunship opens fire on a bridge with civilians on it.

Turkish military opened fire on civilians who are resisting the coup.

Fighting between the military and forces loyal to the government (IHA Turkish News).

A helicopter gunship strafing targets on the ground (IHA Turkish News).

Low flying attack jets over Ankara.

Video of tanks moving through the streets appeared on social media.

turkey tank

turkey troops

The Mail reported Turkish prime minister Binali Yildirim as saying, “We are focusing on the possibility of an attempt (coup),’ There was an illegal act by a group within the military that was acting out of the chain of military command. Our people should know that we will not allow any activity that would harm democracy.”

turkey tanks 3

Attack jets and helicopters have been flying low over the capitol. Gunfire has been heard. The airport has been seized

There are reports internet access has been cut, but Turkish media appears to be able to get some news out. Access to Turkish news sites is sporadic.

The U.S. State Department issued a warning to travelers:

turkey troops 3

Turkey is a NATO member, and has been fighting ISIS, along with separatist Kurds.

This is a developing story.

By Jeff Rainforth
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