BREAKING : Most Accurate Poll in Last 3 Election Cycles Predicts Trump Victory #ElectionDay


Clinton’s October surprise hasn’t quite had the impact she expected. IDB TIPP Poll is known as one of the most accurate pollsters in America. They disagree with the dream I had last night, In my dream nightmare, Hillary Clinton won. And my anti-Trump friends said, “I told you so.” Of course I reminded them that it was THEY who voted for Hillary Clinton by bowing out of the election to make a statement (voting for random people and doing random write-ins IS bowing out). I woke up this morning feeling sick and hoping that my dream was wrong. IBD just gave me some really good news.

They have had the best record of predicting the outcome of the elections (especially since 2004) based on the difference of their prediction and the actual outcome of the past 3 elections. In 2008, Obama beat his opponent by 7.2% points, that’s a lot and very few predicted it but IBD DID. 2004, Bush was running against John Kerry, many had Kerry winning but IBD had Bush up slightly at 2.1% and the final tally was 2.5% points. 2012, IBD again had another outcome than anyone else… everyone was all over the board on that election. Yet, IBD was within 2% points away from hitting it right on the nail. Averaging these all together IBD has been the most prolifically precise pollster out there. Even Nate Silver the 538 Blog Poll Guru founds IBD to be the most accurate pollster in the nation.

They attribute their accuracy to how they take a random sample of people that truly represents the American people. IBD takes samples from landline and cellphones ensuring they have a mix of older and younger people. They also adjust their numbers at the end for the race, gender, political party affiliation composition in the country. They also have a secret step by their favorite pollster Raghavan Mayur who has techniques to massage the numbers to ensure a more accurate number. They mix science and art to get the most accurate poll predictions in the nation.

So WHAT is IBD’s artful science polling predicting this election? So far the spread between Trump and Clinton is widening, favoring Trump:


The poll of 1,026 likely voters reflects a weighted response of 319 Democrats, 322 Republicans and 344 Independent and “other” voters. It has a margin of error of +/-3.1 percentage points. The results are now based on the latest four days of polling.

Among demographic groups, Trump holds a commanding lead among men, getting 47% to Hillary’s 38%, a 9-point difference. And he has made up ground with women, moving from a deficit in the double-digits to just 3 points down in the latest poll, 43% for Clinton and 40% for Trump.

Trump still leads handily among all those who earn more than $50,000 a year. The GOP candidate also has a strong edge among high school graduates and those with just some college, but loses to Hillary with those who have a college degree or higher.

Like it or not my friends… Trump is still in the running to win with or without IBD Poll. NO ONE knows what the outcome of the election will be and polling is art not science or witchcraft. Happy voting this week and REMEMBER: A vote for random people (not even a collective third candidate) is a vote for Hillary Clinton. You will not have the right to say “I told you so” when you give your vote to Hillary so make sure if Trump loses to SHUT YOUR MOUTH! Oh yeah and if Trump loses… if you didn’t vote for Trump, you still voted for Hillary and well, that’s just sad to side with the Clintons.

From my friends at TruthNews: For once in our lifetime, we the people have an opportunity to elect a President who was NOT chosen by Multinational Corporations, Big Banks, DC Elites, and the Globalist Lapdog Mainstream Media. (Trump is the ONLY candidate write-in or not who doesn’t fit into these categories. No one chose or hired him but Primary Election voters– refreshing.)

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.