BREAKING: Muslim Ambushes Cop In Delaware, It’s NOT Over Yet – Look What Else They Found

Wow..this is sick!

Whenever a psycho Muslim goes on a killing spree, the liberal media wastes no time trying to white-wash any mention of Islam, as their continued ass kissing of this depraved religion knows no bounds. But now disturbing new details surrounding the murder of a State Trooper in Delaware has just been uncovered, after a state representative came forward with shocking revelations that the liberal media has been desperately trying to hide.

A couple weeks back, a Muslim named Burgon Sealy Jr. savagely murdered State Trooper Stephen J. Ballard in cold blood in an unprovoked attack where he riddled the officer with numerous bullet holes outside a convenience store parking lot. Even as the Ballard’s body hit the ground, the Muslim still kept firing, as evidenced by the multiple shell casings later found at the crime seen surrounding Ballard’s bloody body.

State Trooper Stephen J. Ballard

Following the shooting, a 21-hour intense standoff would then ensue, as Sealy fled to his father’s home in a nearby neighborhood and tried to hide. After holing up for nearly two days, the Muslim was finally shot by officers and fatally killed.  You can see how intense the situation was, as evidenced by the following picture of the Sealey’s father’s home that was completely eviscerated by the SWAT team’s bullet holes.

Following the tragic situation, predictably, media outlets didn’t even mention Sealy’s possible motivation for his random and unprovoked attack on the officer. That’s when  State Representative Steve Smyk knew he had to speak up and say something, where he revealed a bombshell about the man’s background in an interview with Delaware 105.9F:

State Representative Steve Smyk

“What I can tell you is that there are people that will immediately assume that the war cry of, the Muslim war cry of ‘Allahu Akbar’ may have been said, and I don’t know that to be true. I do know that he was a ‘budding jihadist’ and that being said, how long was he a practicing Muslim, I’m not aware of,” said Rep. Smyk. “We do know that, at the scene, during this standoff he was heard citing quotes from the Quran, what those quotes were I don’t know.”

The Muslim killer was literally muttering quotes from his Quran after mowing this State Trooper down in a sea of bullets, and yet the mainstream media completely ignored that the Sealy was not only a Muslim, but a “budding jihadist.”

Why does the liberal media have such a disgusting love affair with Muslims? Had the killer been muttering passages from the Bible following the shooting you can be sure that this story would be plastered all over the front of CNN and MSNBC for weeks, as these talking heads would’ve had a feeding frenzy at the chance to demonize Christians. So why the blatant bias whenever something like this occurs?

Thank God that this representative came forward with these details to help warn America about the ongoing threat we face with these radicalized idiots hiding out in our country. Had he not spoken up, this information would’ve been completely buried by the mainstream media and we would’ve never known the true motivation behind this heinous crime.

Here’s more details from the local news report from

An armored front-end loader called “the Rook,” or a Critical Incident Vehicle belonging to the Pennsylvania State Police, was used to end the standoff. It absorbed a half dozen rounds in the bullet-proof glass protecting officers operating the black, 6-ton unit that runs on tracks.

Delaware State Police were not taking chances with Sealy.

“This is one of those situations where you had someone who made the conscious decision to shoot an officer, to assassinate an officer,” said Lt. Thomas Brackin, president of the Delaware State Troopers Association. “He had the mindset he was going to kill that officer.”

The last state trooper killed in the line of duty was Cpl. Christopher Michael Shea, who was killed when a drunken driver hit him in 2004.

In 2013, Sealy was charged northeast of Orlando, Florida, for possession of a small amount of marijuana and possession of a concealed weapon, according to the Volusia County Corrections. He presented a Delaware driver’s license when stopped.

Some who knew Sealy described him as mild-mannered, a stark contrast to the profile that emerged Wednesday, when he fled the shooting scene and barricaded himself in his Middletown home.

Baltimore resident Scott Adkins said he went to school with Sealy, and lived down the street. Growing up, he said Sealy was an “average Middletown, Delaware kid,” who would ride dirt bikes and play paintball.

Though the two were not close, Adkins did recall that his former schoolmate had a strong interest in guns, and would often speak about them on the bus to school.

“Unfortunately, it is the nature of the way he was bought up. He has always been around guns and always had guns,” he said.

Police would not comment on Sealy’s prior criminal history, but said it remains under investigation as part of the fatal shooting. McQueen would not elaborate on why Sealy was at the Wawa other than to say Ballard deemed the vehicle suspicious and made contact with the two men inside the parked car.

The “suspicious vehicle” stop wasn’t uncommon for Ballard, described by fellow troopers as an exemplary police officer dedicated to making the community better. Capt. J. Sapp, who oversaw Ballard in his role as a patrolman out of Troop 2 in Glasgow, noted that two weeks ago Ballard was lauded for his work with DUI enforcement, and was slated to work on special policing projects.

His tactful approach toward policing made him a good trooper – and an even better person to work alongside, Sapp said.

“You know, you hear about that person with the proverbial smile that just lights up the room,” Sapp said. “That was Steve.”

Ballard was also a family man who dearly loved his wife and 5-year-old stepdaughter, Abigail, according to Trooper Chris Martin, Ballard’s shiftmate for the past one and a half years.

“His family was first and foremost,” Martin said. “And he took care of them. Now, they’re ours to take care of.”

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