BREAKING: Muslim in the US National Guard and His Cousin Arrested for Trying to Join ISIS & Plot to Attack U.S. Base


(Pam Gellar) More moderates until …. they’re not. The National Guard, no less.

Once again, education, poverty, disaffection — all the convenient denials the Obama administration, Western leaders and media elites use to avoid the true motive — play no role here. It’s jihad.

What is not being reported is just how frequently American Muslims are being arrested for this kind of jihad activity.

A photo of Hasan Edmonds with the Islamic Crescent


“US National Guardsman and His Cousin Arrested for Trying to Join ISIS, Authorities Say,”  ABC News, March 26, 2015
Army National Guard Specialist Hasan Edmonds, 22, was arrested at Chicago Midway International Airport as he was trying to fly to Egypt, according to authorities. His cousin, Jonas Edmonds, 29, was arrested at his home.

Both men are from Aurora, Illinois, and will be appearing in federal court later today.

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Hasan Edmonds first came onto the FBI’s radar in late 2014 as he hatched a plan to join ISIS overseas while Jonas Edmonds launched an attack inside the United States, according to the Justice Department.

This comes a week after a former U.S. Air Force veteran was indicted by federal authorities for allegedly trying to join ISIS.

Tairod Nathan Webster Pugh, 47, who is from New Jersey but had been living overseas for years, was secretly arrested two months ago after being deported back to the United States.

On his laptop, FBI agents allegedly discovered more than 180 jihadist propaganda videos and noticed he had been conducting online searches for such phrases as “borders controlled by Islamic state,” “kobani border crossing,” and “who controls kobani.”

Last month, three New York City men were arrested on charges they allegedly conspired to join ISIS but also expressed willingness to carry out attacks on the terror group’s behalf in the United States. The men had planned to travel to the Middle East and had also pledged to launch attacks in this country, including one on President Obama or planting a bomb in Coney Island, Brooklyn, federal officials said.

Over the past 18 months, about 30 people have been charged with joining terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq or trying to do so.


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