BREAKING: Navy SEAL, Carl Higbie, Calls for the Investigation of Barack H. Obama [VIDEO]


This U.S. Navy SEAL is openly calling for the investigation of President Barack Obama … and he’s got a very good reason for it.

During an appearance on Fox & Friends yesterday, Former Navy SEAL and author Carl Higbie commented on the scrutiny fellow former SEAL Rob O’Neill is under by the Navy.

O’Neill is being investigated for allegedly revealing classified information in interviews about the raid that resulted in the killing of Osama bin Laden.

In this video, Higbie is saying that by the same token Obama should be investigated for giving Hollywood access to pertinent details of military operations for the 2012 movie “Zero Dark Thirty.”

If O’Neill did reveal classified information, then there is no difference between what O’Neill stated in interviews and the release of classified information by the White House.

Check out the link below to hear this directly from Higbie.

Courtesy of Conservative Tribune 

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