BREAKING: New Bin Laden Docs Reveal BOMBSHELL Secret Al Qaeda Plan

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As we learn more about this Al Qaeda deal with Iran it further illustrates how disastrous President Obama’s dealings with Iran are becoming. 

He’s sleeping with the enemy and throwing our Israeli ally under the bus.

(The Conservative Tribune) New documents found in Osama bin Laden’s Pakistani compound shed light on what the terror mastermind might have done had he lived, and it’s far worse than we may have thought.

The documents, introduced by prosecutors in a terror trial, allege that the Al Qaeda group had found safe haven inside Iran and was using the country as a launching pad for attacks on the United States and Europe.

The revelations came during the terror trial of Abid Naseer, accused of taking part in the planning of the attacks.

According to the documents, Yunis al Mauritani, a top Al Qaeda operative, had requested to move to Iran in June of 2010 to begin the planning stages of the attacks.

The Weekly Standard reported that the group involved in the attacks — meant to mimic the 2008 Al Qaeda attacks in Mumbai, India, in which coordinated bombings and mass shootings across that city killed 164 people — moved through Iran later that year.

“The destination, in principle, is Iran, and he has with him 6 to 8 brothers that he chose. I told him we are waiting for final complete confirmation from you to move, and agree on this destination (Iran),” the document reads.

“His plan is: stay around three months in Iran to train the brothers there then start moving them and distributing them in the world for their missions and specialties. He explained those to you in his report and plan.”

The Iranian government and Al Qaeda have significant ideological differences, the former being Shiite and the latter being a Sunni organization. However, as these documents and other intelligence shows, the two nations work with each other to enough of an extent that Al Qaeda considered it a safe haven.

While the attacks eventually fell apart, it shows that the danger of Al Qaeda is still very real to the Western world.

This is the same Iran, of course, that our president continues to negotiate with in spite of the fact that they’re willing to work with Al Qaeda and are developing a nuclear weapon.

It just goes to show what his priorities really are.

—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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