BREAKING: New Detail Released About What Murdered NY Cop, Raphael Ramos, Was About to Do… Wow.


The assassination-style murders of New York police officers Wenjian Liu and Raphael Ramos sent shockwaves through the entire nation, as America witnessed firsthand the tragic results of heated racial rhetoric and liberal hatred.

While the initial shock is fading, heartbreaking details continue to emerge about the crime. One of the recent details speaks to the kind of man one of the victims wa, and how great the hole he leaves will be.

Rafael Ramos was dedicated to the New York Police Department and his job, but he was dedicated to one thing above all else – God. (H/T Mad World News.)

According to a piece in the Christian Post, Officer Ramos viewed his profession as a calling and a ministry, serving the Lord by serving the public.

However, Ramos planned to do more to serve God and had just completed a 10-week course to train as a police chaplain.

The officer was going to graduate with 144 other trainees in the chaplaincy program, which trains people to provide religious services to other officers.

Ramos was scheduled to graduate Saturday after his shift – the shift where he was murdered.

“It was an honor to have [Officer Ramos],” New York State Chaplain Task Force president Rev. Marcos Miranda said.

“He had just taken the 10-week course and was a faithful member of his local church, Christ Tabernacle.”

“He excelled. He never thought he could be a chaplain. He thought only clergy could,” Miranda said.

“So when he found the opportunity to train with us, he jumped on it. He saw himself doing full-time ministry after he retired from the NYPD.”

In spite of Officer Ramos’ dedication to faith, family and the NYPD, the family of the fallen officer has yet to receive a visit from Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“It would be nice for him to come here and say something to us that can lift our spirits and give us hope for the future,” said Ronnie Gonzalez, Ramos’ cousin.

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