BREAKING NEW FOOTAGE: Bloodied United Passenger Doctor Is Back But Look What Sick New Surveillance Vid Caught Him Doing

Remember that Asian doctor who got dragged off an airplane because he wouldn’t follow directions from a security officer? You know, the 69-year-old Dr. Dao who was dragged off the United Airlines flight. Oh, that guy! The adult who acts like a baby because he didn’t read the fine print and didn’t have any dignity to walk off an airplane like a grown up? Yup! He’s back in the news.  This time he’s in the news because the security who dragged the blubbering buffoon off the plane had to give their side of the story. What they said is clearly contradictory to what Dao may have reported.

The security officer claims, and this is the short version of the story, that Dao wasn’t moving as instructed. It got to the point where they had Dao away from the window seat and apparently that’s when Dao started freaking out and having a tantrum like a 4-year-old who doesn’t get anything for Christmas (or a college kid who protests like a loser). During this tantrum of Dao’s, it’s suggested that Dao actually knocked the hand off the guard who was holding him up, causing Dao to fall and smack his face into an armrest. Makes sense, right?

Then it seems like Dao wouldn’t get off the floor and they decided to drag him off the plane. Why make everyone’s flight delayed for one old grumpy-pants who won’t move? Throw the guy off and let’s go! I got a vacation to enjoy! If Dao was so smart, then he would’ve talked to the people off the plane, negotiated himself a nice free plane ticket for him and his wife, and handled it like a man. An extremely irritated man, but a man who is potentially riding an airplane for free. I would take that deal in an instant if it was possible.

The officer is finally breaking out of his shell and sharing his side of the story. The horrible public relations attention must be doing damage to United Airlines. I probably won’t fly them anytime soon, unless I’m looking for a broken nose, concussion, and viral video. I might even wear a horse mask as my carry on. Think they’ll allow that?

United Airlines must be trying to recover from the terrible PR they’ve suffered over the last month as social media has exploded on the airline with threats of boycotts and smack talking them from here to Ja-Pip.

Did someone say “you have to drag me” ? OK NO PROBLEM!


Dao then knocked Long’s hand off his arm, causing the struggling Dao to fall and strike his mouth on an arm rest on the other side of the aisle, according to the report. He claims that he then dragged Dao due to the Doctor’s refusal to stand up.

Long has said he wrote the report and gave his version of events only because he faced losing his job.

The video taken by a passenger shows lots of screaming coming from behind the seats, then Dao being dragged by his arms down the aisle of the plane as the other passengers react in horror.

In a separate report released Monday, labeled a ‘Hospitalization Case Report,’ the Chicago Police Department said Dao was observed striking his face against an armrest as aviation officers ‘attempted to escort’ him from the flight.

Neither report details of Dao’s injuries, but at a news conference days after the incident, Dao’s attorney said the doctor suffered a broken nose and a concussion, and lost two front teeth.

Darn! Two teeth fell out while breaking a nose and getting a concussion? How did he hit his entire face on that little arm rest? For someone who has two teeth knocked out, that sure wasn’t too much blood. And call me crazy, but I haven’t seen a broken nose that didn’t leak blood like a broken down Chevy Celebrity.

Had that man stood up on his own two feet and walked off like the opposite of an adult baby in diapers, then he wouldn’t be so jacked up like an MMA fighter. He’s be laughing about how he got some free tickets to enjoy himself on a vacation.

The man looked like a dope being dragged by other adults, but the airline looked horrendous as well. How do you expect anyone to fly your airline when you’re dragging old men off the plane like they’re a sack of potatoes? That’s a human being. He may allegedly have a drug for gay sex trade problem (I heard a rumor, not sure if it’s true), but that doesn’t give people the right to physically yank the man from an airplane.

Or does it?

Where do we draw the line on what’s appropriate?

I have an idea. The security should always carry the fine print in their pocket. Anytime someone needs to be removed from an airplane, and they’re not complying, then simply show them the fine print that we all agree to when we sign the papers to buy the tickets. Need two people to get off, but they won’t? Show them the fine print they signed up for and ask them nicely one more time. If they still act up, then drag them off!

We don’t read it. No one reads that. We just buy the tickets and expect to get from point A to point B.

We just don’t expect point A to be our seat, point B to be the airport terminal, and we certainly don’t expect our transportation to be some jacked up security guys yanking me by the shoulders.

Give the doctor two free airplane tickets. Give all security training on the fine print so they can show unruly passengers before they remove them.

Call it a day and move on.

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