BREAKING: Norway Teaches America How to Deal With Muslim Migrants With HUGE Statement

From Conservative Tribune: Leaders of the European nation of Norway announced this week that Muslim migrants who arrive in the country from elsewhere in what is known as the Schengen Area must do so with a visa or face being immediately kicked to the curb.

“The move is part of a draft law containing a series of immigration measures that Norway’s government says will make its asylum policy ‘one of Europe’s toughest,’” The Local, a Sweden-based English newspaper, reported on Wednesday.

The Schengen Area refers to 26 European nations, including Norway, that ostensibly function as one borderless entity, meaning that people within its confines can typically travel from one country to another without having to contend with visa issues.

Norway’s conservative minority managed to get this new rule passed last month after noticing that migrants were breaking the area’s cardinal rule, which requires that they apply for a visa in the country where they initially arrive, which is usually Greece or Italy.

Instead migrants and asylum seekers have been relocating to countries where they want to live, Norway among them.

“We will have an asylum policy that will be among the toughest in Europe, and that is completely necessary so that we can welcome those who come here, settle them in and integrate them,” Norway’s Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug reportedly said in defense of the new rule.

The rule also calls for the immediate expulsion of rejected asylum seekers, additional restrictions on long-term residency permits and restrictions on family members of migrants who successfully obtain asylum.

Moreover, the rule makes it so that asylum seekers cannot receive more welfare benefits than the lawful citizens of Norway themselves.

Overall, Norway’s new asylum policy radiates with two things that our own leaders here in America lack — common-sense and tough love.

People who try to help everyone often wind up helping nobody. The fact is that there is a limit to the good that any one country can do, and Norway’s leaders have just done a great job demonstrating this.

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